How To Use Your Makeup Sponge In The Right Way

They’ve been in the beauty spotlight for a while now and your favourite vlogger uses it daily so you went out and got yourself a makeup sponge. Now you’re flummoxed because you do not know how to use it. Has this happened to you? We don’t doubt it has. Makeup sponges may seem straightforward to use but without the right skills, can leave you with patchy, uneven makeup. Prevent that from happening applying makeup with a sponge in the right way.

Step 1: Size It

Before you begin applying, study your sponge. There are numerous types of makeup sponges and currently, the most popular one is a teardrop shaped sponge like the Beauty Blender. Its pointed side reaches crevices of the face like the under eye area and around the nose. The curved side is for flat areas like the forehead and cheeks.

Step 2: Wet It

Hold your makeup sponge directly under running water until it is soaked, then squeeze it so that all the water drains but it remains damp. Always use a damp makeup sponge with liquid products as it blends better and absorbs less product.

Step 3: Dip It

Place liquid product like foundation on the back of your wrist, dip your sponge in it lightly and begin patting it over your skin. Do not rub or spread it as that can cause pilling and streakiness. Maneuver both sides of the sponge on different areas of the face while continuing to dab and pat into the skin under all the area is covered.

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